Evidence Notebooks - 3 1/2 x 5

Occupational health and safety issues matter. Both the employer and employee have an interest in properly investigating and reporting workplace incidents. Safety does not just happen – it is a process of vigilance and adaptation.

To meet industry needs Triform engaged Dilys Robertson, author of The Ontario Occupational Health & Safety Act – Quick Guide, to design these notebooks to be used as part of a coordinated, planned procedure to deal with accidents and incidents. For each provincial version of the notebook the policies and procedures described are in accordance with the legislation currently in force for that province: the Ontario Occupational Health And Safety Act: Quick Reference, the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act and British Columbia’s Workers Compensation Act, Part 3, Occupational Health and Safety.

Each notebook includes information on:

  • the types of incidents which must be reported to the Board
  • which incidents that further require an investigation and report to the Board
  • how the investigation should be conducted
  • who should be involved
  • what information must be gathered to complete the report
  • an explanation of the duty to preserve the scene of the accident

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