Evidence Book Notebands

A professional-looking bookmark to help you organize your notebook

When you're out in the field, you may find it difficult to locate your last written entry without flipping through your notebook's pages. Common book marking props such as hair elastic bands look unprofessional, leave creases in your pages and tend to break unexpectedly.

Sturdy, professional-looking and designed for standard Triform evidence notebook sizes, Notebands allow you to simply flip open your notebook to quickly locate the next write page. Made from a durable and black reflective strip of elasticized material, Notebands wrap around your notebook cover and your prior entries, leaving your next entry page ready for use.

Notebands are:

  • Two Notebands packed per sleeve
  • Available with two label options: "POLICE" and "SECURITY"
  • Reflective, flexible and durable
  • Standard size of 4" wide x 1" deep to fit most Triform evidence notebooks

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